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  • Al ha commentato,

    @C S. Just read my comments... The problem persisted under various OSes but currently the most affected is XP. W7 used to suffer from the same problem but in my case a recent online update to the ...

  • Al ha commentato,

    @Hugo Rohland > The procedure entry point GetTickCount64 could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll. This seems to be unique to XP as the "GetTickCount64" command cannot be inte...

  • Al ha commentato,

    @Hugo Rohland I've experienced the VERY SAME thing.  Then I submitted a support ticket to the CS.  Was first asked to test a few things, eg. submitting logs.  Then finally they asked me to complet...

  • Al ha commentato,

    I use FF (v50.x.x) only esp. under XP.  Display resolution is set at 1920x1200.  I never use Chrome. The problem still persists and to this day I still cannot edit (and save) my profile.  UPDATE: t...

  • Al ha creato un post,

    Problem with Forum layout

    Just joined this Community but have already experienced some problem. When I tried to edit my Profile, I get this Can someone explain why the dialog box has moved to the lower right?  I can't even...

  • Al ha commentato,

    So I attempted to run the software update on another XP machine, a traditional desktop. And as expected, failure. First, this shows up: After choosing Run, this comes next: Repeated attempts have...

  • Al ha commentato,

    The software update error has occurred since early 2018.  Updates under XP and 7 environments have been futile and resulted in both types of error messages mentioned in this thread.  And yet DivX a...

  • Al ha commentato,

    "Update Installer" link does NOT work.  And the auto update problem has been going on since early 2018. Not having updated standalone update patches for download has been a problem at DivX, but not...