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  • Dan

    Always sync problems with these .mkv files; sometimes other formats, also.
    All files are from the internet.

  • Jamil

    Sorry for responding to such an old post, but other codecs installed can cause this issue.  I experienced it myself when support asked me to install the K-Lite Codec Pack under Windows 10.  After doing this, all audio was out of sync.  I did a complete uninstall of this, rebooted, and only then was my audio in sync with the video.

    DivX Converter will use some third-party decoders.  It was not originally created expecting these other codecs, and sync issues will be a result.  If you have any third-party codecs installed, try uninstalling all of them.  Also, uninstall DivX itself.  Reboot Windows after this.  Finally, reinstall DivX Pro then check it for updates to ensure you have the latest available version installed.

    DivX's own Video Pack add-on does not fully support all formats correctly.  I wrote to support about issues supporting video formats they claim are supported, but DivX still refuses to play or convert all formats of a known supported codec.  This is a limitation of the Video Pack that I have made them aware of quite some time ago.



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