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Why no DTS to MP3 in converter software?


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  • Marcio D.

    Hello Dave,

    What is the reason for using the 'Home Theater' profile? That particular profile does not support DTS just because it was made for specific devices - and those devices will not playback DTS audio.

    You could create a custom preset and test it out, just use as "base" any other profile that would have DTS: any DivX Plus HD, DivX HEVC or PROs.

    Let me know if you need more help.

    Thank you.

  • Dave Shaw

    I would never use the profile other than it's the only one supported in my Nissan Pathfinder.

    I don't care that the profile does not support DTS.. I want to know why the converter can't convert DTS to MP3?.. or even MPEG2 audio for that matter..?

    Any chance this gets added? My kids want more movies in the car!

    Burning them to DVD with audio conversion works great but I hate to have all the discs to go through.


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