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Replacement for DivX Web Player?

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    Marcio D.

    DivX Web Player is built on the Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) architecture, which allows DivX decoders and demuxers to be run as a plugin on web browsers. A number of web browsers have announced that it will stop support for NPAPI, including Google Chrome.

    At this time there are no plans to update DivX Web Player’s architecture. If you come across a website that may still be using DivX Web Player, we suggest you change your browser to one that still supports the NPAPI plugin. Or, you may also use “DivX Player -> Open URL” feature to play the web video inside DivX desktop player.

    Here is a list of browsers and their current status for support of NPAPI. This is by no means a complete list, please check with the browser directly with any questions.

    Internet Explorer: supported
    Chrome: does not support NPAPI as of version 45 (
    Firefox: supported. Plans to drop support for all NPAPI plugins, except Flash, in March 2017 (
    Safari: supported
    Edge: does not support NPAPI
    Opera: does not support NPAPI as of version 33 (

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