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DivX 11 Pro Upgrade


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  • Commentaire officiel

    We are investigating the original issue posted by Russell W. Can you try hitting Ctrl-1 keyboard shortcut to see if that helps resize the software window. May I also ask what resolution you are running your graphics card and monitor on?

  • Ernie Kitt

    I am getting exact same as Russel.

    The window opens full screen with no option available. There are also continual adverts at bottom of screen.

    The only way to get out of is to use Task Manaager.

    Pc is:

    Acer Swift 3 - 14 inch (laptop) - Intel i7 Evo processor - Windows 11 fully upto date with MS.

  • Ernie Kitt

    Here is an update to my previous post:

    After tring to get DivX 11 to and having no success I decided to uninstall it with the following results:

    Using both Windows and then HiBit uninstallers I recieved the following error both times. This was the inabilitiy to uninstall DivX 11 and the error message was written in what looked like Chinese. (Is DivX now owned by a chinese company?) After these un-successful attempts I had to revert back to a previous image backup.I have notified DivX about this but they have no bothered to respond.


  • Russell W

    Thanks for the update - I was about to attempt a reinstall but I think I'll hold off and see if you get a response.

  • Ray Parker

    I was able to register the Pro version during the installation last week. This is the text of the ticket I opened the same day:
    I purchased and installed DivX Pro 11 today, and it does not play the video files I have tested, while other media players work fine. After installation, Windows reports that DivX Pro 11 is the default app for this file type. However, dropping an MP4 file into the player window results in the nonsensical message “Buffering”, which never resolves, even after 30 minutes. (A local file should not need to buffer.) 

    This is also true for selecting the file manually. Standard Windows Media player, VLC, and DivX Pro 10 all play this same file easily; these results are consistent using different MP4 files across all 4 players. 

    Adding the same MP4 file to the library first also fails, this time with a “DivX Player 11 has stopped working” message.


    So far, I have received no response at all from Support. My gut feeling is that I should uninstall DivX 11, and report the sale as fraud.

  • Ray Parker

    Update: The uninstall seems to have gone correctly, pending a restart.

    You try to support small vendors when they come out with products, and this is the result.

  • Marcio D.


    We are sorry to hear of some of the issue you have encountered with the recently released DivX 11. Russel, could you please create a support ticket (if you have not done so) and provide us with a screenshot of what you are experiencing?

    Ernie, it seems you have created a ticket, can you please tell me what it the ticket number? I have not seen another report of issues with the uninstaller. What version of Windows was this?

    Thank you.


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