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Is there Malware in DivX software?


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    DivX Software is completely safe to install on your PC or Mac.

    The free version of the DivX Software does include some third party offers that some anti-virus software may detect as what is called "false positive". Please rest assured that there are never any viruses with the DivX Software. These third party software, that some user might find useful, help us keep providing a free version of the DivX Software.

    These offers can also always be declined during the installation process. And we do sell the Ad-Free Plug-in as well as the DivX Pro, that will not have any offers within the installer as well as Ads within the DivX Software components. You can find more information on those two on our website

    In most cases, making sure you are on the most up-to-date definition will fix these false positives. Please try making sure you have the most updated version and definition for your anti-virus and/or try temporary disabling your anti-virus software when running the DivX Software installer.

    If you  experience any issues or have additional questions please feel free to contact our Support team here.

  • Petitmangin Vincent

    I confirm this problem when i have downloaded by rubber the dmg file thèse days .

    on same time , with Divx update i have doowloaded the last version of divx pro ( v.10.8.7 ) and my Norton anti viruses has detected regclean pro as dangerous . Certains files systeme of my PC Windows are deleted . Then , it was impossible for the divx pro walking with divx player

    the team support has give me a good version without malwares or viruses ( v 10.7.3 ) for my XP

    thanks again for Marcio of team support

  • Ray Stone

    How do the rest of us get a malware-free update?  So far every one of the downloadable updates trigger my malware programs. This does not look good for DivX.

  • Henrietta Hudson

    Received update for DivX new version--10.8.7.

    I am immediately advised by my protection systems that "Trojan.Win32.Chapak.dgtm detected" in this new version.

    One month ago, Ray Stone requested "a malware-free update".  Where is your response?  Is there a DivX Pro new version 10.8.7 that does not contain components that are dangerous to our computers?  

  • jon

    Yeah Mac Virus barrier is picking up malware so I won't install it.

    MediaPlayer_Installer - OSX/InstallCore.fs

  • H Gp


    بی زحمت ثبت کنید ممنون

  • Jay Smi

    i got a virus in my pc after downloading DIVX PLAYER MY PC CRASHED OS WAS DELETED AFTER it took me 8 hrs to figured how to get my OS back had to install windows again i don't rec this product Trojan Messed up my os system DIVX U NEED TO FIX YOURE STINKY PRODUCT OR YOU WILL BE SUED FOR DAMAGES 


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