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  • Marcio D.


    We've replied to your private support request already, but I will copy the same reply here. I think you are probably referring to the DivX Player (per your screenshot) and not the DivX Web Player. Sorry that you are having issues with the DivX Player displaying subtitles in Hebrew. Are you on the most up-do-date version of the DivX Software - version 10.8.6? There is a subtitle fix on that version, can you please make sure you are updated? You can always download the latest version from the website.

    If you are still having issues with subtitles with the latest version, we may need to get more information (or the actual files) from your video and type of subtitle being used.

    Thank you.

  • Nizankhv

    Hey thanks for replay.




    i have noticed, i used the latest version already.


    the subtitile Hebrew that has been used is type of srt, usf, xml.


    as i mention also, if its possible of your worker to make a  Reverso Context of subtitle if its possible, so it can solve this issue if it may take times.


    Thanks, hope to see that updated.


  • Nizankhv

    hey any replay?


    by the way i noticed, The Subtitle Track that is shown option, the Hebrew langnuge doesnt recognized normally, its just shown unnormally,

    there should be an - Flip text option for subtitile.


    Please check it and solve it!



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