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What output formats does the DivX Converter support?



  • J Anthony

    I used your software to convert my daughter's gymnastics routine from my Samsung tablet your programme put a mkv extension to it I saved it to my usb and plugged it into my Colorado 2016 my link however the video never showed up on the menu of the us. Could you tell me what's the problem.

  • Jeremy

    J Anthony - Your In Dash device is most likely DivX Certified for our Home Theater profile. That means when you convert using the DivX Converter try changing the profile from DivX Plus to DivX Home Theater. This will produce a video file with a .divx extension which your device will be able to play. Just remember to use that profile for all your conversions for your device. Let me know if this helps.

  • Jennaferfutch

    Need help

  • Marulak Horas Manurung

    I try to convert some 2K and 4K videos from my LG G5 smartphone.
    But DivX Converter (v10) said that it has no support for HEVC h/w encoder for my laptop.
    Instead, it only support AVC h.264 which was old, IMO.

    Is it has no capability to utilize QSV h.265 h/w encoder?
    My Laptop is ASUS X407MA, Intel Pentium N5000, Gemini Lake (Goldmont Plus), Win10 64-bit.
    Indeed it has QSV HEVC engine and some free video converter (HandBrake and A's Video Converter) have support and works well despite with some features which I don't like.

    How do I enable h.265 QSV encoder in DivX converter?



    Hola. Buenas tardes lo que pasa es que ya descargue pero me aparece q no es valido q puedo hacer

  • امیر قلی

    2K J6HDS9DU

  • امیر قلی

    2K J6HDS9DU 




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