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How do I uninstall the DivX Software for Windows?



  • John Kithaka

    The software does not appear in the uninstall or change a program window. How can I remove it?

  • Elijah Lucian

    I also can't find this software!!!!


    Since I installed DivX all my windows have been loading slowly, even sometimes they take up to a minute to populate!!!

    WTF happened?;


  • Doug M.

    I'm having the same problem.  Divx doesn't show up in Windows 10's list of installed programs.  I have another installation/uninstallation program (IO Bit Uninstaller) and it doesn't show up there either. 


    Why has no one from Divx replied to this in two months?

  • kenton falana

    I am having the same problem and I see after 4 years no one from Divx has responded smh.

  • Kolbasa

    Hey Jeremy don't you want to answer to comments? I also can't find DivX in the list of installed programs.

  • Nick Turkkahraman

    I found the software installed itself in "C:\Program Files (x86)\DivX " location after a long hard search and it will not let me do anything. It keeps saying I have no permissions or credentials to execute the action that I am trying to do. I have never used the product or registered anything or sign up on it to use so it is kind of harassing me almost daily by reminding me that I still didn't make the purchase to take advantage of its easy-to-use features.


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