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Auto Update for DivX Is Not Working



  • Peter van der Kort

    The upper link does not work! And the other link points to an updater to 10.2.3 which is a bit old isn't it?


  • Al

    "Update Installer" link does NOT work.  And the auto update problem has been going on since early 2018.

    Not having updated standalone update patches for download has been a problem at DivX, but nothing has changed all over these years.  Pathetic.

    And BTW, the only discussion regarding software update error is here, nowhere else

  • Tyler Olson

    As of today, 4/26 -- the DivX for Windows Update Installer worked for me. I was able to update my DivX installation which has not worked for quite some time.

  • Franklin Zelch

    I have downloaded the latest DivX software installer (10.8.8) numerous times trying to get my installed DivX Pro to update. The DivX Converter updates, however the DivX Player never updates. It constantly stays at ver 10.8.4 which is even older than 10.8.6 because like then, the DivX Player (and ONLY the Player) will not update. It might help if DivX allowed people to download the 'Full Installer' and not just their web installer.


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